India’s first Online Condom Store –

Owned by Bonne Sante Healthcare, the e-commerce site  sells several brands of condoms like Moods, Kamasutra and Love Light.

According to Ramesh Srinivas, founder and president, Bonne Sante Healthcare “Indians are still not very comfortable buying condoms from a physical retail outlet. Having a virtual dedicated condom store allows customers to select from the range and buy what suits them the best…Within 3 years, we are looking to make Rs 10 crore annually and account for 3 per cent of the total sales,” Srinivas has added.

The site also features an enquiry desk to help users solve issues related to fitting and..well, thats it. The site offers free shipping for condoms “not less than Rs. 195 per brand, and will reach your doorstep discretely.

“We want to create a critical mass of informed condom users,” says Srinivas, whose firm Sugant Sas markets and distributes healthcare products in Europe.
Asked if the social embarrassment attached to condom-buying in public in India is a reason behind creating the site, he replies, “Yes, but embarrassment is something you can’t rule out even in Europe or the US, where such websites have been around for a while.”
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